Darren Little MLM Super Hero – Marketing Sensei Series Episode 1

Darren Little the MLM Super Hero is HERE!


In Episode 1 of My Marketing Sensei series I brought out one of my mentors Darren Little, The MLM Super Hero.


He has helped me grow tremendously over the past 12 months.  In this episode we discuss the majestic art of manifestation.  We literally breakdown how we you can attract any amount of money,car, house, or anything or anyone else for that matter into your reality in this Live Training we did.


Darren Little – MLM Super Hero is one of the Best at discussing this subject.  You can call the mind & activating it for success his niche.


Watch this Entire Training because we left no stone un-turned when it came to growing & developing Your Millionaire Mindset Now.



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Darren Little – MLM Super Hero – Marketing Sensei Series Episode 1


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What Darren Shared here are some of the most important & well thought out steps people are required to take to manifest hundreds of thousands, to even multi-millions of dollars especially in network marketing.


Why?  Because this industry is all about personal development & like a vortex even when you think your gonna get out of it, it magically sweeps you back into it like a magnet.  Imagine of you had the ability to have your prospects be magically drawn to you, your story & your business opportunity.


What would that do for your life?


Would it create more income, more money, more cashflow?


Would it give you the ability to free up your time, or even quit your job?


Would you have the FREEDOM to do what you want whenever you wanted to?


By unlocking the mental blocks keeping you back from being the real you, you open up your ability to receive, blessings, money, prosperity & abundance in a way that allows you to live free & be in flow.  The more I release any & all mental blocks the better I personally feel & the more auto-pilot commissions start rolling into my inbox.


For example immediately after this training Darren Little shed some light about his brand the MLM Super Hero and what caused him to channel his energy to truly believe that he was the MLM Super Hero.


This conversation sparked & awakened something within me.  I had not been OWNING my moniker BEST NETWORKER ALIVE!


Once he called me out on it.  I literally snapped.  I literally came into this new paradigm where I believe NOW & FOREVER that I AM THE BEST NETWORKER ALIVE EVER!


You see its tapping into your emotions & truly believing in what You Are Speaking into Existence is what will shape your reality.  I truly believe that as the MORE I DO IT THE MORE IT WORKS.  While at times in the past I use to think the law of attraction was a myth, or something most people would just never understand.  IT REALLY IS QUITE SIMPLE.


By just using these techniques & investing in the resources that Darren Little the MLM Super Hero has mentioned you will immediately notice a shift in your way of thinking, in what your FEELING & in turn you will begin to manifest the RESULTS you Seek in your life & business NOW…


As Darren Little said in this live training we hosted for the Marketing Sensei series the mind is built to self destruct.  Our minds are literally program to destroy from within so how do we fight that, get through that & win daily?  The MLM Super hero shares in one of his latest posts…


Do You Desire Success in Your life?


Do You Desire FREEDOM?


Do You Desire to Manifest the Money, Resources, & the Quality People to live a live with Purpose?



Then Do what myself & Darren Little the MLM Super Hero Did…


Get Started & Take Action By Joining this simple System Changing Thousands of people’s Lives…




“To Your Success”



Best Networker Alive


P.S.  I will be having more speakers, & successful marketers & networkers in this series.

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Really love this interview James. I speak with Darren every now and then but could never really understand the depthness of what he was talking about. You took it right out of him and I love how he explains it so simply. Something about the way you set this up! Awesome.

JamesJordanTV moderator

@BryanSpector Hey Brian thanks for your feedback!  Attracting what you desire is pretty simple.  I'm not gonna lie when you hear it in spots it really confuses you because their is so much info from all over the place.  Which is exactly why it was no accident that Darren was 1st up in the Marketing Sensei Series.  Because once you understand how to get yourself right.  Manifesting the results you seek becomes effortless. 

Carol Makowski
Carol Makowski

Very cool interview, James. Nuggets - go to stores with expensive items (with a different mindset), for example.Thanks, James.

JamesJordanTV moderator

@Carol Makowski Thank Carol for sharing your thoughts.  Yes for example when I saw a Lamborghini in Vegas my Vibrations instantly changed & I started vibrating on a whole different level. 

Your welcome here to bring a power packed line up for this series!