Erica Udeanu – 2 Simple Ways to Grow Your Internet Network Marketing Biz – Marketing Sensei Episode 2

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Erica Udeanu is one of the Best Connectors in the Internet Marketing/Network Marketing Industry…


I had the honor of connecting with her for a live training where she dropped knowledge son 🙂


Whether you’re just starting in your business or you have been circling the wagons for years this Impactful interview you will discover how she stumbled upon the techniques she uses in her business today that has allowed her to be her own BOSS (notice her hat 🙂 and now she lives a FREEDOM Lifestyle with her husband.


Literally she makes money online, connects with her team, enjoys her special time with her family, walks her dog & enjoys life.  You’ll see that as we laugh throughout this training.  Erica Udeanu‘s laugh is adorable & is absolutely magnetic.


As you watch Erica Udeanu‘s entire training you learn the simple tips she recommends that allowed her to go out & get her first BIG CHECK on Stage!


Erica Udeanu is reachable & is always Open to connect with serious dreams who want to live their dreams.


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When I asked Erica Udeanu “What are the 1-2 strategies you recommend for new people who are getting started online?”


You know what she said?


Mirror image of what I say to any of my new reps.  Blogging & Video Marketing!




Why Blogging & Video Marketing?



erica udeanu Blogging


It’s pretty simple.  They Both are FREE!


You literally can set up a youtube channel in minutes & start putting out videos immediately!


(See our top level Youtube Ranking Training inside of this simple shortcut to Your online success…)


use these these simple techniques to hit the ground running fast in your business!


if you’ve gained any value from this powerful training leave a comment below & share with your friends!



To your success,



The Best Networker Alive!







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Carol Makowski
Carol Makowski

Was so happy to see you interviewed Erica, James. She is so inspirational, so natural, and so much fun. Nailed -- video and blogging!! Thanks, James.


HECK YA... Erica is building an international team of incredible leaders. To go from literally making PENNIES in her cruise ship job, to breaking the $10k a month income level.... She's definitely someone to pay close attention to. 

Great post and the hangout is awesome.