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In this quick video right below I share my Perfect Post APP Review!

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I remember when I first started using the perfect post app.  I wanted to get more exposure to my new youtube videos…

On one of my facebook accounts I’m in over 1,200 groups & there’s no way I would sit there for hours posting my links over & over & over it’s simply not a high income producing activity.  In the past I have outsourced posting in groups to people overseas which would cost me money every single week as I would be paying these individuals for ever hour they worked.  Buying perfect post app the facebook group autoposter saved me money & time & I didn’t feel like I had to check my groups because its fully automated & its a 1x per year expense.

One that I’m more than willing to pay for & invest in because this autoposter does the job the way it’s supposed to be done.

I love how I don’t have to have my computer on all day to market in fb groups.  Yet I can leverage the 100,000’s of people that are going in these groups I’m apart of daily.

The Video above got over 100+ views within 24-48 hrs of me posting it in groups using the perfect post app, it even created auto-pilot sales in my various businesses & affiliate programs I currently market.


So You Bought Perfect Post APP Right Here…Now What?

Post Your Content in groups, don’t just post your affiliate link to your business or a product you promote that’s what struggling, broke marketers do daily & wonder why they aren;t getting results.  You see if you change up this process & do something different you will stand out from the crowd.

For example…

Give something of value away for free, this can be a pdf, a blog post on how to get traffic to someone’s website or a video on a book you read or some training your going through right now…Give some value then tell them how they can get in contact with you or become apart of your network by joining your list…If your not building your own list of prospects & buyers DO IT NOW.

People typically don’t buy products right away as they are exposed to them, which is why it’s super important to stay connected & continue to give value to your prospects daily or even weekly to continue to build a relationship with them.




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Then Get To Posting!


To Your Success,


James Jordan

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I purchased Nitrosedge in Feb this year and Have been using it fo a while and I liked that I could post to hundreds of groups in one go... I hope its doing great for you James! 

THanks for sharing.