Is It Really Possible To Sponsor 3/5 Brand New Reps “A Day” Into Your Network Marketing Business, Without Having To Call Leads, Do Home Parties or 3 Way Calls?


“If you’re even remotely interested in the answer…Read on as this is for you and it’s only going to be active for a few days…”


From The ‘Frantic Make-Shift’ desk of James “King of IG Leads” Jordan:


If you read this document all the way to the end:


“You’ll Finally have an ‘EASY’ To Implement “Lead-Flow” Machine that Cranks Out Highly Targeted Prospects Daily, Like A “Cash Stuffed” ATM On The Vegas Strip “


You’re new ‘Cash-Cow’­ is POWERED by an active community of 400 MILLION Users and GROWING MASSIVELY DAILY!


Would you be interested in me giving you ,“For Free”, my entire “Success Proven’ Blueprint for Systematically Generating 50+ Leads a Day and That Traffic Turning Into 3/5 Brand New Sign Ups?


What if I told you, you could have it 100% Risk Free…

Would you want that?

Stick with me…


This Proven Blueprint (when implemented correctly) can:

  • Attract an ‘Endless Stream’ of Prospects who Not Only Want/Need your products & services, they are practically “in a panic” to get their hands on them! Side Note: This is actually way easier than you think on Instagram.
  • Generate Between 50-85, “Already Pre-Framed” to BUY Leads Daily, with 99% of the Process Fully AUTOMATED!
  • Turn Your “Struggling To Turn A Profit” Sales Funnel Into A Cash Churning Beast, Just Like You Owned An Oil Well!
  • If you’re BUILDING an MLM Team or Have A Business Based on Recruiting Clients, this is GOING TO TRANSFORM your Business. How? This exact method you are getting access to here today, can be easy passed on to other “team members” so they can quickly duplicate your results. So when you’re sponsoring 3/5 brand new clients each and every day…better yet… so is your team!



(That is the ‘Definition’ of BIG MLM PAY DAYS!)


You know it and I know it…

In network marketing, leads are the Life-Blood of your business.

If you don’t have 30+  New “Eagerly Awaiting Your Message” Leads Each Day Checking out your Offer. You are Practically ‘Dead In The Water’ my friend.

As soon as it’s up and running…


You can just, sit back relax and grab your favorite beverage and watch the leads “Stream in”.

99% of the work for this proven formula is “set it up once” then it’s on Auto-Pilot!

Giving you more time to be in the garden, or at the gym or spending time with family. Or whatever you love to do, while your business makes you money in the background.




Let me share with you.


The Crazy story of how I “stumbled upon” this proven system by accident. And what it’s done for me over the past 12 months alone..

…You see, just 12 short months ago I was at my “wits end”…

I felt like a loser.

I felt ashamed.

Ashamed that after 9 ‘brutal’ months of buying every course on Instagram Marketing I could get my hands on, Spending countless sleepless nights thrashing away on my keyboard I was still NOT able to Generate 1 single stinking lead….

Pathetic right?


“Flat out”, I was struggling in my business, ready to quit…


I mean, it wasn’t like I was buying this course and that course and never following through with any of the methods.

Actually, far from it.

I was investing 3-5 hours A DAY into this method, 7 days a week.

…and still no freak’n luck.

I even resorted to “trolling” the most popular Forums on Internet Marketing, Spamming my link everywhere, with the hope that some “lucky” person would click it and I would make money.


I was completely frustrated and at the end of my rope…

I knew I was willing an able to put in the work I knew it took to get results.


So what did I do?


I found a mentor.

Not just any old person calling himself or herself a ‘Goo-Roo’.

No I was going to find a mentor who was crushing it.

A mentor that wasn’t all about the money and hustling all the time.

A mentor who had built a systematic process to double or even tripled the results, month after month, but not have to do more work. Actually doing less and less, as the PROFITS keep going, up and up…


Sound good?


Someone who had already “gone through” what I was going through…tackled and overcome all the obstacles that I may face and was getting consistently getting amazing results and living the lifestyle I wanted…

If I wanted to get results by “making things happen quickly”…

I knew I Needed a method, a process for Success so to speak, without having to stare at my phone on Instagram for 5+ hours a day, to get more traffic, leads & sales…


Boy did I discover something…

I had finally got my hands on a Already Proven Blueprint that I just needed to plug & play & overnight…

My Traffic & Lead flow shot up to 20+ Leads a Day as if I turned a light switch on for traffic!

Yea I thought it was impossible to turn a site like Instagram into a auto-mated recruiting machine but then I started getting results then…


I shared my ninja secrets with a few folks…You Can See Their Results…

Even a 17 yr old Kid Got Results (His 1st sale) within days of his 1st sale of implementing my IG King System.


Now that you’ve seen other everyday people just like you, you know teachers, doctor’s, army vets, people who are tired of corporate America, & even high school students are getting traffic & leads daily & creating sales consistently know this…


Anyone Can Do This!


No matter your past results online you can & will get results quickly using my IG leads all day system…

Imagine having a flood of leads filling your inbox daily, prospects reaching out to you begging for the opportunity to work with you.

All the while having people also instantly pull out their credit card & buy before ever talking to You…

Wouldn’t your stress levels go down as you continue to grow your business, make money, recruit more reps while still having a life using this simple system?

Wouldn’t it be simple once you’re getting results to help others within your team & organization to duplicate & create results allowing you to create Ultimate Leverage in your business?


Imagine Having this Proven System Set Up For You?


So you can just focus on your prospects & new team members all the while having this machine working for you daily…

All the while your only spending 2-5 hrs per week maintaining your auto-pilot recruiting machine.


The Results You Can Expect From Having Your IG King Leads System…

  • At last, you’ll eliminate all the stress and overwhelm from the “pain” of trying to figure out all this “new age” technology …YES! This is My Done For You, Then With You, My Proprietary Method for simplified and easy on-going maintenance)
  • More Targeted “Hungry To Buy” Traffic Than You’ll Know What To Do With. Honestly just a couple months ago, I had a client email me frantically to STOP the methods I had set up for him, because he was so busy with clients he couldn’t handle all of them.


Amazing right?


  • Imagine “how good” you’ll feel when you pull up for a lunch date with the family on a Monday afternoon and your email accounts shows 7 Sales that have happened on Auto-Pilot, just within the last hour. Hint: There is no sweet of feeling, when you have commissions streaming, whether you are working or not.
  • Something I like to call “Hyper-Strength” Growth Defense system. What does that mean to you? When some marketers or business owners grow, they have more water ‘flooding’ out of the bottom of the bucket, than what’s coming in on top. With our “Hyper-Strength” Growth Defense system you’ll be positioned so no matter how big your business gets, it’s always moving you forward and sustaining and increasing.
  • A Step-By-Step “Income Accelerator” Game Plan your entire team, down-line or sales staff can implement quickly and easily craft an “Almost Unstoppable” Momentum.
  • With this new system in place you’ll be able to hit any income leader-boards in any company you choose. Do you want to become a Super Affiliate or a Top 0.1% Network Marketing Leader? All of this and more is ready and waiting when you claim your exclusive slot in the IG King Leads System.
  • You’ll, over a short period of time, create an “Unwavering Audience of Supporters”, who you’ve helped transform their life with your leadership and guidance. You’ll Gain Recognition as a Top Expert and Celebrity in your nice, and any niche you ever decide to dominate.
  • And so much more awesomeness…


You may be asking how much is this going to cost me?


That’s a great question.

Before I answer that, let’s paint a clear picture of exactly what you will be receiving by investing in yourself & purchasing the IG King System Done for Your Services…


Here’s exactly what we will be building for You…


  •         Set up 5-10 IG Accts & build up Your Accounts to 5-10K Followers in total
  • Test Your Offer/Lead Magnet to build a 20+ Leads Per Day Auto-Pilot Machine
  • Share my personal follow up & Conversion tactics toRecruit 10-20 New Reps Monthly Using Instagram…
  • Unlimited Access to our private FB IG King Mastermind Group – 1st to get updates on what’s working now with Instagram marketing
  • 2 x 30 Min Coaching Sessions – (Pick my brain & get any & all questions answered) $250 Value
  • Unlimited Private 1 on 1 FB chat for first 60 days – (Message me anytime during that period to help you get results as fast as possible.)

You Get All of this for 1 Simple & Effortless Payment of $2997

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If you’ve looked at Instagram & wanted to take advantage of all the Fresh, Hot Prospects waiting to be discovered this is perfect for you…

By now you understand that any & all overwhelm or confusion are eliminated…

Because I will be setting up this system for You.


I will also be making myself available throughout the set up process & afterwards to assist you in ramping up results quickly.

I’ve been getting leads daily from instagram for the past 12+ months, there’s nothing I haven’t broken or banged my head on already…so you don’t have to…


You completely benefit from my mistakes & more importantly my successes.

All the while I set up my proven system for You.


You reap all the benefits without having to suffer any of the grunt work of setting this system up. .

I must warn you.  The spots for this type of done for You service is very limited.


  1. I want to focus on a handful of individuals to help them get results quickly
  2. I will personally be developing & overseeing the creation of these auto-pilot lead gen machines.
  3. I’m human we all only have 24 hrs in the day so to ensure top level quality of this service…

Only a few individuals who seriously want to start cranking out results get access.

So to lock in your spot before all the spots are filled.


I’m serious.


I am only taking on 10 clients.


After that…


I’ll probably never offer this ever again because of the crazy response.


Simply click the button below & claim your spot for $2997 & we will personally connect within the next 24 hrs to get scheduled and rocking.

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Once you click the button. Go to the check out page and put in your usual information to claim your ‘exclusive’ spot in this once in a lifetime offer. You will receive an email with a date and time for you and I to sit down and map out the process. Once we have the process and foundational information needed in order to systematically get results for you.

I will have my team crank out the accounts and the 5/10k followers in total. Then we will “Deep Dive” Your Offer/Lead Magnet to Guarantee the 20+ Lead per day Auto-Pilot machine, you now want.


Warning if you have read this entire page & you’re thinking about waiting to take action…


Know this these spots are getting filled quickly…

All the while I may never ever do this type of service again at this price.


So lock in your spot for $2997 so you can be one of the exclusive individuals I will be personally working with to take your business to the next level…

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Remember I told you it was 100% Risk Free?


Well, if you take me up on this logical offer today. And you implement what I teach you for 60 days straight. (Not 3 weeks on and 1 week off., kind of stuff) 60 days straight.

Message right away and not only will I refund you the $2997. I’ll even give you $250 as a gift. No strings attached, sorry to of wasted your time $250 cold ones. For you to spend in any way your little heart desires.


I know Internet Marketing/Network Marketing “Gooroo’s” are gonna hate me for this…BUT, what the hell… I’m here to give value and I believe in what I am doing 100%


Here’s what you’re a couple of clicks away from when you take action now, lock in your spot and secure your seat, in this exclusive, limited number IG King Leads System offer.

  • I will personally set up 5-10 IG Accts Build Up Your Accounts to 5-10k Followers in total
  • Test Your Offer/Lead Magnet to build a 20+ Lead per day auto-pilot machine
  •         Get my personal follow up & conversion tactics. This will help you recruit 10-20 new reps monthly like clockwork just using Instagram…
  • Working with IG in as little as 2-5 hrs per week…
  • 2 30 Min live 1 on 1 coaching sessions
  • Unlimited Private 1 on 1 chat (for first 60 days)
  • I’m Always here as a Mentor, Coach & Fellow Marketer


You may be asking what happens after your accounts are set up and rocking?


All you’ll have to do to keep the lead machine pumping, is follow my exact step by step easy process.


Get Your Spot Now Click the button below.


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P.S.  Fact: This offer is too good to pass up if your looking to for a genuine system to generate $10,000+/Per Month, From Home & Wanna Do It Without Having To Learn A Bunch of Techie “Mind-Numbing” Techniques, Spend Endless Hours Away From Your Family and Definitely Without Stressing Over A Non Profitable Business.

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