How To Eliminate The Fear of Selling & Crush Any Sales Goals You Desire…

Do you have a fear of Selling?  Or more importantly a fear of success?

Today I’m gonna be short and to the point and Scare You To Death…

The death of your EGO, that negatron in your mind selling you on why you can’t tap into your UNLIMITED RESOURCES within your mind to absolutely crush it and create sales on demand!

In this quick post I’m gonna reveal to you 3 simple ways you can start using instantly after reading this short blog…That will create more sales in your business as soon as today!


How To Eliminate the Fear of Selling Made Simple…

1.   Just Get Off Your Butt and DO IT!  I know pretty simple, almost too simple right?  You see its the very thing that we should do that we have a huge fear about, when in reality it’s all some tiny thought that your giving way to much power of your mind, your body, and your spirit.

Why would you choose to let some bullshit story like I’m afraid of getting rejected, or what if someone doesn’t like me, or I don’t deserve the money I would receive from someone pulling out their credit card and buying now from me…

All of these thoughts are negative and the best way to shatter these beliefs is to take them head on and take all out massive action.  It only takes one sale to create momentum, then you start to feel Great from that experience and you can always tap into the feeling of that first one!  Trust me it works EVERY TIME!

Connecting with people live on fb, getting on the phone or even just selling someone in person do I recommend you have home meetings or prospect all the time at starbucks all the time no.

But in order to step into your power and destroy the inner wussy (yes I did say wussy) do something that your so afraid of doing and watch as you live to fight another day afterwards even if someone isn’t open to purchasing your product or service.

Get OFF Your Butt and Just do something, Action always is better than sitting around thinking all day…


fear accronym

1.A. Personal Development – Reading daily, listening to audios daily, watching personal development movies & videos daily are HUGE!

This will help you speed up your development of the mindset to sell and sell well, because you will never outperform your self image.  Imagine watching a great movie on how to be a top notch Million Dollar Producer everyday for 90 days straight?

Do you think you would become a Master Salesman, Do you think your own personal self image and self esteem would transform for the better?  Of course it would.  That’s why I command you to consistently dive into personal development everyday a minimum of 15 mins day at least I personally spend way more than that…Do the Same!  Your paid directly in proportion to your value to the marketplace. 


2. One of my personal Favorites…AUTOMATE The SELLING PROCESS aka Duplicating Yourself 🙂

By far one of the easiest ways to sell and eliminate the fear of rejection!  If your selling through a video, if that person says no, who cares because you didn’t have to waste your own personal time talking with that person, showing them the comp plan, or how the product works, or how the system operates by telling them live in person or over the phone, you did it while you were out doing something else…I Call this LEVERAGE!

Or though email marketing, every time I write a email, I set the intention of what I want the email to do, then I simply write it and let what happens happen, I’m emotionally removed because I didn’t have to take my personal time sharing my vision with this person or individual.  Instead I’m able to connect with Thousands all at once!

Can You DIG IT?

(Of Course You Can!)

It one of the reason I shoot videos, and shoot videos so often.  Think about it every video I shoot has the potential to reach hundreds, to thousands, to millions of people all while I’m no where near my computer or talking to them.  So I sit here and think about how hard people work in this industry and how little they get from all the effort they put in, when I shoot a video do a few ninja things that shall remain top secret (TEAM ONLY) that causes people who are actively searching for what I have to offer to watch my video contact me then PULL OUT THEIR CREDIT CARD & BUY NOW… 

It’s laughable how easy it is once you understand it…

These are just a few of the ways you can automate yourself…(There’s Plenty, an Abundance of Resources to pull from)


3. My Favorite of All Time: Having Other People Do It For You 🙂 

This takes the cake 🙂 I personally love using and leveraging other people’s products, and systems to do all of the telling and selling for me.

Eric Worre said it best in his book Go Pro, Using 3rd party tools are crucial!  

I realized that everyone doesn’t have the same ability as I do, and there’s people that can do things that I can’t do, they are just better at it.  Your definitely better at something then me!  By using and leveraging 3rd party tools what you demonstrate to people is that they don’t have to be some super human being that can move at the speed of light…

They can just be themselves follow some simple steps and get people in front of a 3rd party tool, like a video, a cd, a conference call or my personal favorite a LIVE Event!

For example, I Do the Selling for my team once a week on Thursdays @ 9 PM EST, I simply tell my team to hold all questions for the live training & to get as many people to the Live Training as possible so I can give them 3rd party edification and create sales for them. 


Imagine having someone like myself doing the telling & selling for You, LIVE with your prospects who haven’t made the decision to join your team yet?

I call that Effortless Recruiting, Effortless Influence 🙂 


How can this start happening for You? Commission notification piling up in your inbox as I’m selling live telling your prospects to join You Now…



Pull Out Your Credit Card & BUY NOW and ENJOY IT! 

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“See You On The Inside”


James Jordan


P.S.  Eliminate the rejection and the fear of recruiting

in your business by having me do it personally for you LIVE EVERY WEEK!


==> Get Started and “Just Get Money Now!”





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Kathy Wilder
Kathy Wilder

Great post, James!  While all are valuable, I don't think you can accomplish #2 and #3 without #1!!  So many people think they don't have time for personal development, when it's actually the most important part of all!


Yes, dig all the action to cover up that fear! Great post!