The “Invisible Forces” That Make Us Do What We Do…

tony robbins ted talk


James here.  This morning I was going through some personal development myself.

One of my go to’s for learning & training on the mind & why we do what we do is Tony Robbins.

So as I found this gem & watched it in it’s entirety I said to myself I had to share with YOU.


So catch the Tony Robbins video right below.

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Also I’ve listed the 6 Basic Human Needs Tony Robbins mentions in this video below.

6 Basic Needs of Human Beings…

1. Certainty

2. Uncertainty

3. Significance

4. Connection/Love

5. Growth

6. To contribute beyond ourselves


Feel Free to SHARE with anyone you feel can benefit from what’s shared in this Tony Robbins Video.


To Your Success,


James Jordan

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