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What’s Ipas2?,


That’s the Multi-Million Dollar Question…


Catch the Webinar Training while

You Can 🙂  (Right Below!)


I was able to catch this Webinar Training and My mind was BLOWN

at the Possibilities that are available to anyone who Takes Action

and Plugs into Ipas2’s Automated System!



View this Powerful Training that will give you a Glimpse of

how Ipas2 Can Convert Your Traffic into Sales Instantly, and having the

ability to have other people who have the skillsets to close more sales,

aka Upsells for YOU!



Ipas2 Certified coaches will call up customers

to create upsells for You using this simple system!

(How’s that for Automation? 🙂


Get A In-Depth Training Session By Watching the Webinar Below:


Plug In and Get Instant Access to Your Ipas2 Account! 

Plus Your Solo Ad Mastery Traffic Bonus for plugging into my Ipas2 Team! 

(literally learn how to pull in 200 Leads A Day!)


Still have questions on exactly what IPAS2 is and How it can help

you grow your business faster while spending less of your own

personal time working your biz?


(This Photo Sums it up Below…)





This is Your Ability to partner with a Online

Millionaire that has created a Online Franchise Business

Model that will eliminate the Lionshare of what most marketers

have to do in order to create conversions (sales) in their business.


See what I mean by watching this Video that Explains it All…


I was skeptical as to whether or not this system would

truly work to create new sign ups and commissions on

auto-pilot…just like anyone else…


Get Your Black Card!



Then I did a simple test emailing a one of my lists

online that wasn’t generating any response or creating

sales…Then out of nowhere BOOM! 


60% Conversions from the people who clicked

the link to watch this video turned into Sales! 


That’s what marketers Dream about!


If your still debating as to whether or not

Ipas2 can work for you let me tell you this…




You won’t know until you take action,

set up your system and get moving.

I will help and assist you but you have to

be a ACTION TAKER!  No cry babies or lazy folks get

my personal time!


Watch this video & Take Action Immediately!





“Yours In Mastery”


James Jordan


P.S.  My Ipas2 New Member Solo Ad Mastery

Bonus Training will be off the shelf very shortly…


Plug In to Get Access & Other Goodies too good to share here

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Seeing more buyers is powerful! Neat how you shared so much training here!