Justin Verrengia – Hippie Jedi – Shares His Beliefs, Mindset Shifts & Overall Bad Ass Money Getting Secrets!

Justin Verrengia aka the Hippie Jedi is one of the most powerful, impactful, people online!


His Fanpage is flooded with over 26,000 Fans!


justin verrengia


His website HippieJedi.com has inspired thousands to breakthrough online…


He has also created a successful podcast series at WeirdEntrepreneurs.com where he interviews successful entrepreneurs who are serious about getting & creating massive influence & results in their industries.


So to get a opportunity to connect with a leader such as Justin Verrengia was a Honor & I learned a tremendously amount of Gold & I just had to share with YOU!


Watch this interview we shot with complete focused attention~

Discover the Simple Shortcut that Justin Verrengia & myself use to create massive results online…



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Quick Round Up of What we discussed in this powerful Hippie Jedi interview…


1. Thoughts Are Things – What you think about is a seed to what will happen in your future.

2. Master 1 Traffic Strategy – get to 30 Leads A Day with 1 Strategy

3. Be willing to be Dead Serious about your business & do whatever it takes…



I loved every second of this interview & watching it just pumps me up full of energy every time I do.



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“To Your Success”



James Jordan

“Best Networker Alive”


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Carol Makowski
Carol Makowski

Justin knows his stuff. Good, focused interview. The King of PPC. As he says - avoid emotional attachment to your ads -- boost what is successful! Thanks, James.


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