Laura Parrish – MLM & FB Marketing Queen – Stay at home Mom Makes Multiple Six Figures ALL Online…


Laura Parrish is a stay at home mom that is crushing it with facebook marketing!


Now Laura Parrish has made Multiple Six Figures Online…


But that’s just the tail end of her story.  She is a Powerful Woman that I’m happy to be connected with.  In this interview you will learn a few things that will absolutely take your Facebook Marketing to new levels quickly.


One thing I can say that I love about Laura Parrish is she has no problem being vulnerable.  She share’s her story about her struggles in the past with being a recovering alcoholic & even shares how she was scared to reveal that imperfect part about herself.


Which I can tell you is a MAIN Factor in her success with Empower Network!


She will challenge Any Self-Limiting Beliefs you may have about whether or not you can do this…


Watch this Entire Training & Share with Your Friends & Team Members…

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(Income disclaimer: Results Not Typical)


Laura Parrish share’s some awesome wisdom in this Training.



For example she stated that in order for your business to change, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE!



That was powerful & important because people blame their company for their failure all the time.


Yet there will always be someone else who started at the same damn time with Great Results who Takes Responsibility for their Success!


Because Laura Parrish took responsibility for her shortcomings in life & her business & were transparent about them, she has spoke on multiple stages at empower network events, and her Highest Earning month in the business was $33,700!  There’s a bunch of people who don’t make that in a year…She did it in 30 Days!


So Make the Decision to Succeed!  Raise Your Self Worth!



Then Take ACTION, because just as Laura Parrish Said…”Everything You Want is on the other side of fear”



By Deciding to “Open Up Your Heart & Share Who You Are” people will love you for it…


I can attest to this myself, by sharing my experience from 3 weeks ago on my trip to Las Vegas it totally let people in to see the real me.


I knew I had a breakthrough.  I knew my life changed.  I knew it would never be the same.



Because I was OPEN & HONEST & Transparent when I created a Huge Result like having my first $2600+ Day Online people were shouting to the rooftops congratulating me & you know what…”It Felt Great!” 



Wouldn’t you want to be celebrated for being your authentic self while making money in your sleep at the same time?



You Absolutely would & this is possible once you discover the Training we have inside of the Empower Network Viral Blogging Platform. (See HERE)



I thank Laura Parrish for taking the time to doing this interview, it was a Eye-Opening Mindset shift into what I should be doing with facebook marketing by simply focusing on other people instead of myself.  You do the same your business & income will soar through the roof.


Feel Free to share this video training with your friends & your team members.



“To Your Success”



James Jordan


“The Best Networker Alive”

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Awesome!  I've heard Laura's name before but haven't heard her  on an interview like this.  Thank you.

No matter how you slice it and dice it, blame never works.  Everything external and internal is up to you no matter what the catalyst is!  Thanks for sharing this powerful interview!


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