Linkedin Marketing Training – How To Make 300-800 New Connections Every Week On Linkedin…

linkedin marketing training


Trying to figure out how to conquer
mlm recruiting on linkedin?

Yes you can make money on
social media and especially
on linked in when you can
connect with people daily…

In this video I share
a simple time saving tool that
allows me to connect with
300-800 people per week
on linkedin Alone.

Watch Below…


MLM prospecting and MLM recruiting can be simplified in your

linkedin marketing efforts by using and leveraging tools to connect with more people FASTER.


Get Social Networking Bullseye Right here…Aka SNB PRO


Then use and leverage the tool consistently

to grow and build your following on linkedin.


It will help you get more Exposure and Traffic.

Traffic Turns Into Leads, Leads Turn Into Paying Customers…


Starting Today!


Use and leverage linkedin marketing to grow your

business faster and simpler as you will be talking

to and connecting with people who can invest

in your business and the growth of theirs…


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Yours In Mastery,


James Jordan


P.S.  This is a great tool Below… especially if your Blogging and creating

content on a consistent basis…Don’t have a Blog?

Get a Ready Made One in Less Than 15 Mins


Right Here…

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Great post James! You know on Linkedin I spend time just building that relationship with people who do less spamming and really ask me for help.  So I only spend time with people of like interest and don't have to be pushy like many others on Linkedin who are doing that kind of marketing.  I do talk to people and just chill with them if they just be themselves and tell me what's on their mind and we end up finding if we have something in common.

JamesJordanTV moderator

@OmarAdams Your welcome Omar!  More to come...Linkedin Marketing Training is just the beginning!


Great tips here, you can reach a million people a day on Linked In! Cool to tap in a huge audience. 

JamesJordanTV moderator

@alecia_mlmleads I had no idea you could reach a million people a day on linked in! 

Pretty badass!  Always learning something new!  More reach, Higher Average Income...Definitely putting more and more energy towards linkedin. 

I recommend Everyone who see's this post do the same thing!