Majestic Words To Have Your Customers Waiting In Line With Credit Card In Hand…

Words Are Powerful.

Think about how powerful words can be, think about how just using the word love, can make you think of someone who is special to you or something that your passionate about & are inspired from, or the word hate can bring about anger & discourse or someone or something that represents pain…

When marketing online whether your shooting a video, writing a blog post, writing a email, a fb ad, or even a instagram or twitter post…

Your words can mean a great deal to your Bottom Line & Your Check Book… 


So I wanted to give you & assist you in rising head & shoulders above the competition online, by having of the MOST POWERFUL words you can use to Instantly Trigger a Lighting Fast Positive Response from your prospects & fans & ignite the “buying” triggers that are already laying dormant within their minds…

This is some cool stuff once you “Get It”.

I only ask you do this one thing… Use these tips for Good, promote Good Products that you can be proud to market & sell knowing that ultimately your helping someone move closer towards a goal they have, or avoid some pain or gain some pleasure in their lives.

Because Good Products do all of these things.  🙂 HINT 🙂

Anyways I thought I would leave you with some…


Majestic Words & Phrases You Can High-jack to Quickly & Effortlessly Write Copy that Will Have Your Customers Begging To Eat Out Of The Palms Of Your Hands….


You see I’ve spent tens thousands of dollars & hundred’s of hours studying marketing & copywriting & I still invest time, energy & money into it to this day…

Right below you’ll discover 100 words I have personally swiped from some of the greatest headlines of ALL TIME.

Previously this was only available to people who purchased a $197 product as a bonus I put together some time ago.  So I thought it would be of tremendous value to YOU & Anyone You share this with upon reading these 100 words below.

I know that you will absolutely find them useful in creating influence with your audience & I bless you in all of your internet marketing endeavors.


Here are my top 100 words of influence & persuasion below.

1. Free

2. You/Your/Yourself

3. Announcing

4. Introducing

5. New

6. Secret(s)

7. How/How To

8. Guaranteed

9. Magic

10. Quickly

11. Easily

12. Naturally

13. Amazing

14. Why

15. Where

16. When

17. Would You

18. Discover

19. Suddenly

20. Shocking

21. Powerful

22. Warning

23. Wanted

24. Formula

25. Instantly

26. Crazy

27. Insane

28. Mistake(s)

29. Save/Safe

30. Win

31. Prove/Proof

32. Never

33. Absolute/Absolutely

34. Eliminate

35. Worry

36. Start

37. Stop

38. Struggle/Struggling

39. Quit

40. Lost/Lose

41. Stupid

42. Forever

43. Little

44. Little-Known

45. Revealed/Reveals

46. Simple

47. Lazy

48. Revolutionary

49. Ugly

50. Truth

51. Lies/Lied

52. Harness

53. Fear

54. Breakthrough

55. Dead/Deadly/Dying/Death

56. Wrong

57. Surprisingly

58. Big/Bigger

59. Make

60. More

61. Cash/Money

62. Effort/Effortless

63. Improve

64. Who Else

65. Ready

66. Give

67. Get/Getting

68. Unlocked

69. Can

70. Envy

71. Rich

72. Don’t

73. Owe

74. Ahead

75. First

76. Before

77. Hurry

78. Grab/Grabbing

79. Unexplainable

80. Paid

81. Have/Having

82. Tip/Tips

83. Fortune

84. Fool

85. Develop

86. Beg/Begging

87. Take/Taking

88. Advantage

89. Zero

90. Plan

91. Blueprint

92. Strategy

93. Tactic

94. Trick

95. Top

96. Stress/Stress-Free

97. Creative

98. Double/Triple

99. Boost

100. Kick/Kick-Start

ACTION STEP: 1. Create 5 Headlines using these words just to get your mind flowing. Have a few of your peers in your niche read them and ask for feedback.


*** Google “World’s Greatest Headlines” to get even More ideas to create masterful headlines and copy.***

As you begin to use these power words in your marketing efforts, notice a shift in the response you create in your posts, emails, & even as you use them in everyday conversation.

They Work 🙂

Your Welcome & feel free to share with your friends, teammates, employees & fellow marketers as these words can assist anyone in creating more positive influence in their lives or others…

Want EVEN more tips on copywriting, influence, & tactics & strategies to Double & Triple Your Business Online?

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To Your Success,

James Jordan

P.S.  I get inspired more & from your feedback & your giving nature.  Feel free to leave a comment below, whether you just want to make a observation or if you have a question.  I will respond swiftly.  Thanks for sharing this power packed post with your friends on social media.

They will instantly love you for giving them a free kick-start in their business.   🙂

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This is an awesome list. Ready to get the new headlines ready for epic videos. Thank you for all the resource ideas!


These are truly powerful words. Thank you for sharing.