Millionaire Manifesto – Re-wire Your Brain To Attract Millions

millionaire manifesto

Want To Become A Millionaire?

The key to becoming a millionaire or multi-millionaire or more is YOUR MIND.

Nothing more nothing less.

You see God, Infinite Intelligence, The Universe whatever you decide to call our creator can & will create anything which we Believe, Feel & ACT towards with Absolutely Certainty & FAITH…

Now here’s the rub.

The majority of society has been programmed to be average.

How do you RISE above the noise telling you that your goals & dreams aren’t possible.

It starts with changing your habits & a great habit to greatly IMPACT your mind & more importantly your unconscious mind is affirmations.

Affirmations or Power-mations as I love to call them are words & phrases that assist you in creating a new reality.  A great book on the subject of the power of your words & how what you speak tends to come about into existence is Hung By The Tongue by Francis P. Martin…



So when I discovered this Millionaire Manifesto I shared it on my fb wall, with my team members in various businesses because this is a powerful affirmation statement & as long as you read it daily it will re-shape your mind which will create the spark to attracting a newer greater reality that you desire.

Now before I place the Millionaire Manifesto below I’ll share with you what I have done specifically to help “Trigger” the words to be “Deeply Rooted” within my subconscious mind.

#1.  I grabbed a pen & paper & wrote out the statement – this was a Powerful exercise in itself.  I highly recommend you do the same, there’s just something amazing about taking words that can help create change in your life & writing them down.

#2. I would read this paper aloud – this definitely helped increase my belief in raising my game & raising my vibrations which is the KEY to attracting any reality you seek to create.

#3. I spoke the words out loud & recorded it & now I listen to it DAILY.  – There’s a power in recording power-mations in your own voice, your more likely to trust the words & your egoic mind will less likely resist the words if they are coming from your own voice.  I love listening to this Millionaire Manifesto in my own voice it has made it REAL in my mind & I noticed a uptick in my productivity & actually applying what’s inside of the Millionaire Manifesto.

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So with that being said here is the Millionaire Manifesto Below.  Read it.  Then Read Out Loud.  Then Write it out. Then Record it in Your Own Voice & Listen to it Everyday.


“Millionaire Manifesto”


I am a Millionaire.  I think like a Millionaire, I talk like a Millionaire, I walk like a Millionaire.  I BELIEVE, FEEL, & ACT like a Millionaire.

Like a radio that is tuned to one frequency, I am tuned to the Millionaire Frequency.  I continually condition my mind to think Rich & Abundant Prosperous Thoughts.

I talk about endless possibilities to all who will listen.  I definitely read what millionaires read.  I soak up the biographies & autobiographies of Millionaires & Billionaires.

I drink in their wisdom & deep understanding.  I think about creating valuable Multiple-Million Dollar Enterprises, during the day & I dream about them at night.

I enjoy creating Million-Dollar Enterprises.  I am a wise steward over my money.  I Master my money & my money does not mater me!

I love to serve.  I realize that it is the quantity & quality of my services rendered, with a positive mental attitude that grants me unlimited, overflowing & ever flowing compenstation.

I am constantly rendering increasingly better service. The better I serve, the more I RECEIVE.  I Love challenges.  I conquer my Wealth Building mountains with glee & joy in my heart.

There is a banquet of prosperity ready & waiting for each of us.  I cheerfully help others on their journey to wealth riches & true spiritual abundance.

Being a Millionaire means I live the Abundant Balance, Life Serving, Growing, Sharing, & it is Great to be a Millionaire!

“I Am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, & happy.”


Use this it’s powerful & if you follow the steps I shared above the “Millionaire Manifesto” you will notice a change in the way you feel, the way you think, the way you act & ultimately your life.


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To Your Success,


James Jordan


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To Your Success,


James Jordan


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Wow!  This is definitely what I needed to hear, when I needed to hear it.  Thank you so much for sharing.