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Want in on Mastery Level Network Marketing Recruiting Techniques?

In this network marketing video I share how I have been able to crush it online marketing & growing my business all the while having a life & doing the things I love while helping & serving serious entrepreneurs at the same time.

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Old school sponsoring & team building methods will work until the end of time.  But considering we are in the digitial age why as a entrepreneur would you build a business in a way that sucks up your energy & your time on a hourly, daily, weekly & monthly & yearly basis…?

Doesn’t it make more sense to use channels such as  facebook, instagram, youtube, twitter, or your own blog just to name a few to cast your fishing net to attract people who want what you have to offer?

It’s a much faster way to build & recruit & there’s little to no resistance from people who are looking to buy what you have to offer in your network marketing business.

It’s a New Dawn, A New Age, we’re apart of the selfie generation, a generation that has access to the entire world in a matter of seconds from their mobile phone or laptop.

So get in front of your prospects because they will respond & respond quickly to you when you know the proper way to position yourself as a leader as a expert in your field.  You instantly become attractive & magnetic to your audience.

Then you;re no longer pitching & begging people to join your business & instead people will email you asking you for your join link.  🙂

It gets fun when this happens Trust Me 🙂


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James Jordan

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Thanks for sharing this, James.  I appreciate you sharing your insights. - brad