The Strangest Secret – Earl Nightingale


Personal development is key to success period.

The more you work on your mind, re-shape what you focus on through out your day will ultimately shape the way you feel, what you attract & will automatically alter the way you ACT.

You see one thing I learned from one of my mentors who has eclipsed over 30 Million, yes you read that right $30,000,000 was this…

“11/12 of what we do is unconscious”

So you see as much as you think you control your life or you control your thoughts, typically you don’t, typically your running on a automated program that’s been built into your mind through repetition & deeply impactfull emotional experiences…

So don’t you think it’s important to develop your mind or more importantly if you’re a entrepreneur your “Millionaire Mind” if you seek to earn a million dollars in a calendar year?  Or more importantly have a network of a Million dollars or more (the true definition of a millionaire) or maybe you just want to make enough in your life to be able to live your dreams comfortably no matter the case, that requires a shift in the way you think & feel, & act.

So one of the most powerful audios I can recommend that’s a free resource I have here on my blog is a audio version of Earl Nightingale’s “The Strangest Secret”

I’ve read this book & I’ve listened to it, I recommend you do BOTH.  There’s power in this, if you are seeking to attract more of what you want & want to do this effortlessly meaning that yes work is required but it won’t feel like work, which is where the MAGIC happens… I recommend you listen to this at least 7-21 days in a row.

You can listen to this while your on your way to work, first thing in the morning, or right before you go to bed etc… no matter when or where I recommend you DO THIS…


Well in order for things to change YOU must change, & doing this simple exercise can be the beginning of something new & wonderful that manifests in your life.

Enjoy Below…

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To Your Success,


James Jordan

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