The Millionaire Mindset – How To Tap Into Your Future Self For Guidance Now…

Millionaire Mindset

“I Want to Be A Millionaire!”


I’m sure at some point you have said

this to Yourself at least once (I Bet A Bunch More Though… ūüôā


But then this little devil called “Doubt & Fear” creep

into your mind like a virus and before you know it

you have created at least 10 different reasons why

it’s Impossible VS. Focusing on What You Do Want



Life is All about Decisions.  Every decision

we make effects us in some way shape or form.


Think about it.  Something caused you to

read this blog post.


Most Likely Because You are seeking

to achieve your goals, live the life of your dreams,

or just to make some head way in your business and

figure out how to create momentum…




Think about how many people choose not to read

this article yet keep asking themselves why they

aren’t where they want to be, how they can fix

the problems they have in their business…


How to feel fulfilled, how to create success,

in life, how to help others live their dreams…


They want to stay Stuck.  You on the other

hand truly want Change. ¬†You Truly Desire TRANSFORMATION…




You just wish you Knew the Secret.


Here it is…”You Already Have Everything You Need


Yes Read it Again…”You Already Have Everything You Need”

I know its hard to believe at first.  But think about it.


You have dreams, at some point you asked yourself,

What it would feel like to live my life how I want to

when I want to.  The reason you asked yourself that

question is because you know deep down You Can Live Your Dream.


Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, Joe Vitale, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins,

and Myself are no different than YOU.


==> See How Everyday People Are Paying Their Mortgages From Home…


God Created Us ALL.  Meaning that we have the same opportunity

as YOU.  Realize This NOW.  Step Into Your Power and Achieve

Your Dreams. ¬†Live Them Out! ¬†To the Fullest…


You Deserve to be Rich, You Deserve to Live Every

Dream God has Blessed You With.


Now I know your probably reading this article…

and Your Saying “But James, How do I do it?”


I understand that so I wanted to give you a

practical technique that ninja, and will

transform YOU Instantly…


Ask Yourself this question.

“If I were Already A Millionaire…(Fill In the Blank)


It’s one of the Most Powerful Exercises You

can do.  I did it to myself Recently.


You see I was in a phase in my business,

where I was productive, making money,

making sales, low ticket, and high ticket sales,

and I asked myself what’s required to take it to the next level?


(See The Simple System I discovered to Crush it Online…)


But I had to get Clear on What The Next Level Is.


So I asked myself what my goal was. ¬†It’s

to make $15,000 +  per day in my business over

the course of the next 365 days.


Some of you will read this and say…

Damn how is that even possible.


Oh It is, you see when you quantify

the numbers and you think about billionaires,

etc…It’s not a huge amount of money.


I can hear the voice in the back of your mind

say yea James I can definitely use an extra $15,000

per month nevermind per day.


You see my friend thats my point, your mind

will take you to wherever you set it to…U think pennies,

you get pennies, you think dollars you get dollars, you think

Millions you get Millions, you think Billions you will eventually get Billions, and

of Course thinking Trillions will eventually get Trillions…


You see by getting clear on what I wanted,

I could see into the future, I could literally tap into

the moment I achieved the goal and how I would operate

my life and my business at this time.  I also began to see how

I built myself up until that point, how I would go through

numerous experiences that would shape and cultivate my

$15,000 per day mindset.


(This is how I cultivate my mind daily…)


I realized that I have to dive more into personal

development, and revamp a few things on the marketing

side of my business.  You may need to do the same.


You may need to invest in your education, in a

mentor, a coach, a high leverage system that can help

you grow to a new level you didn;t think was Possible UNTIL NOW!


So when your working your business as your “Future Self”

Is this how I would be building my business as I’m a Millionaire?

As I making $10,000 a month…Catch my drift…


Use this in your life and your business and I Promise

You Will Change and Your Income Will Reflect That Change Within…


Like,Share, and Comment!



“Yours In Mastery”


James Jordan


P.S. ¬†– Becoming a Millionaire all starts in your mind…

You must see it in your mind before it will ever become

a Physical Reality…


Develop Your Millionaire Mindset Daily Using 

This Simple System…




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Great post James! Personal development changed the game for me.. Everyone should follow your advice in this post bro..

JamesJordanTV moderator

@JoshMason Josh we attract who we become, so I figure I just continue to grow and develop and BOOM!  It will manifest in the physical realm I have already experienced this in the mind and it's Amazing! 


This is a great post bro. Mindset is everything. But it's a journey. Love the journey. Peace.

JamesJordanTV moderator

@markgubuan what's great about the journey is that the Time Table is Totally Up To You.