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James Here!  I felt today was a Great day to talk about something I have overlooked for a lil bit of time…

That my friend is YOU.  When you get into online marketing and network marketing and your trying to find the solution to all of your problems, we as human beings seem to think that there’s something missing that we don’t already have everything we require to hit the results we seek in our life and our businesses…

That is the Biggest Trick your mind has played on you.  Those evil thoughts in your mind telling you, your not enough or that you won’t create success and the fear and doubt that clouds your mind from your own negative thoughts or what you hear from other people relaying to you, your own internal thinking…

I have been guilty of this myself.  I have been guilty of thinking that this magic software, or company, or comp plan was gonna be the defining difference between success and failure and by doing so I was getting away from my vision.  My true purpose.  Why I was doing this in the first place.

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When you aren’t focused on yourself, developing yourself and tapping into your Limitless Potential that is when you are setting yourself up for failure.

Companies come and go, owners come and go.  Tools and softwares that work today are gone tomorrow, comp plans changes, the vision of your company may change.

What must stay consistent is YOU and YOUR Vision.

It has been said if you stand for everything you stand for nothing and I agree with this.  If your not stern on your beliefs and your purpose and your vision then how do you possibly expect people to be Attracted to You.  You see when someone joins you and your business they are really saying “I Believe in YOU”.  Because your business most likely has Thousands of Affiliates, Reps, etc…

So Feel Good when someone makes the decision to join you, they are literally saying they love and appreciate what you bring to the marketplace.

People will only Join You when you are in your POWER.  When you are Crystal Clear on Your Vision and You have CERTAINTY you are a ALL POWERFUL BEING that attracts quality people to you Daily and consistently!


You shape your reality everyday.  Start shaping it by speaking your life into existence and Acting As If It’s Already Happened!

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There’s a POWER to Thinking and Growing RICH!

This is how I have been able to sponsor reps in as little as 4-45 mins!

This is how I have been able to craft emails and create sales on Demand.  It all starts from within myself, and the same goes for YOU.

How has it become simple for me to produce results in my business?  I have become crystal clear on my Vision.

My Vision is to Lead people to tap into their Limitless Potential to manifest and live their dreams and help others do the same.

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Because I come from this place whenever I’m connecting with people it makes it simple to attract and connect with quality people who are Hungry, & Inspired to take ACTION Immediately…


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“Yours In Mastery”


James Jordan



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Awesome post. Very motivational.


Yes, these resources awoke my life. Thanks for sharing.